Kid Fuego founded Fiesta En La 8 in New Jersey following his South American club tour in 2013. Though it was conceived as a platform to share mixes and host live streams for Fuego’s audience, Fiesta has since grown into a multi-platform entertainment brand, known for showcasing the best of the US East Coast.

Latin influences are evident in our name. Our flagship show, hosted on Mondays, is known for its diverse listening population, as well as DJ Mixx’s energetic persona and monthly giveaways. He’s since given out a grand (yeah, you read that right – $1000!) – TWICE – thanks to acquired sponsorships.

Wednesday night’s “Pulse” hour, hosted by Fuego and DJ Black Ivan, is known for its dedicated underground fanbase. Classic house tracks dominate the airwaves, sprinkled in with your favorite HipHop and R&B throwbacks.

Some of the most talented East Coast DJs frequent the Fiesta studio. Local legend Gonzalo Silva (DJ Reck), as well as LaPatilla (whose most recent tour culminated in EDC Las Vegas) are often guest hosts for Pulse. Plus, they always bring their latest and greatest unreleased tracks to us first! Notable interviews include DJ Afino, and model Cat Lopez. We’re dedicated to showcasing the best local talent, before they hit the mainstream radio.

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We’re always just a phone call away! Put your requests in during show times at (908) 525-3377, or reach us here by email.